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WorkSafe BC

WorkSafe BC

Trade or Industry Association
Mail: PO Box 5350 Stn Terminal, Vancouver, BC, V6B 5L5
Phone: 604-231-8888
Fax: 604-276-3247
We are a provincial agency dedicated to promoting safe and healthy workplaces across B.C. We partner with workers and employers to save lives and prevent work-related injury, disease, and disability. Our services include education, prevention, compensation and support for injured workers, and no-fault insurance to protect employers and workers.

We are honoured to serve almost 2.2 million workers and 220,000 employers in our province. We collaborate with them to prevent injury or illness, and help employers comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and the Workers Compensation Act.

When work-related injuries or diseases occur, our no-fault insurance system provides peace of mind for workers and their families, and for employers. We provide compensation and support workers in their recovery, rehabilitation, and safe return to work.

We partner with health care providers to ensure workers get the treatment they need to resume their normal routines.

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