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Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology

Columbia Mountains Institute of Applied Ecology

Economic Development Agency
Mail: Box 2568, Revelstoke, BC, V0E 2S0
Street: 200 Campbell Avenue
Phone: 250-837-9311
Fax: 250-837-9311
Our vision: Outstanding natural resource management through building and sharing knowledge about the ecology of the Columbia Mountains and its associated regional ecosystems.

Mission: To foster collaboration, communication, and education in support of relevant applied ecological research within the Columbia Mountains area.

  1. Relevant ecological knowledge transfer: We provide environments that enable learning and collaboration on ecological management priorities.
  2. Quality Work Environment: We establish and maintain a high-quality work environment, where creativity and innovation are encouraged, individuals are treated with respect and dignity, and people work collegially and cooperatively to achieve common goals;
  3. Legal Obligations: We accomplish our work using the regulatory framework, contracts, and agreements that guide our actions and decisions as we carry out our business;
  4. Building Partnerships: We build strong partnerships by treating our funding partners and volunteers with respect, and providing them opportunities to derive value from their association with CMIAE
  5. Fiscal Prudence: We are efficient and effective in our utilization of the limited financial resources available to achieve our goals.
  1. To build the capacity of people working in the various fields of applied ecology so as to support improved natural resource management.
  2. CMIAE is responsive and accountable to our region, providing well-managed, efficient services.


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