Agencies & Associations

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  1. Water Supply Association of BC (Lobby or Special Interest Group)
    P.O. Box 22022
    Penticton, BC, V2A 8L1.
    Phone: 250-809-8548
  2. West Kootenay Boundary Local Government Management Association (Local Government Agency)
    Suite 710A - 880 Douglas Street
    Victoria, BC, V8W 2B7.
    Phone: 250-367-7234
  3. Western Economic Diversification Canada (Federal Ministry)
    700 - 333 Seymour Street
    Vancouver, BC, V6B 5G9.
    Phone: 604-666-6256
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  4. WoodWORKS! BC (Trade or Industry Association)
    837 Riverside Drive
    North Vancouver, BC, V7H 1V6.
    Phone: 1-877-929-9663
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  5. WorkSafe BC (Trade or Industry Association)
    PO Box 5350 Stn Terminal
    Vancouver, BC, V6B 5L5.
    Phone: 604-231-8888
  6. Young Anderson Barristers and Solicitors (Professional Association)
    1616-808 Nelson Street
    Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2H2.
    Phone: 604-689-7400
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