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Posted: November 1, 2019, 11:54 am

Development, Data Collection and Analysis of a Local Government Professionals Needs Study

Local Government Management Association of BC

Development, Data Collection and Analysis of a Local Government Professionals Needs Study

Request for Proposals

1. Introduction
The Local Government Management Association of British Columbia (the “LGMA”) proposes to engage the services of a consulting firm to help deliver an overview of member needs.
The objective of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to provide the LGMA with proposals from qualified proponents capable of carrying out the work herein defined. The subsequent proposals will form the basis for evaluation, interview and selection.

2. Submission Details
The LGMA is not under any obligation whatsoever to select a proponent and may modify the terms of or cancel this RFP at any time for whatever reason(s) and without liability to the proponents or anyone else.
Proponents are solely responsible and without recourse to the LGMA for their own expenses in preparing and submitting a proposal and for otherwise participating in the RFP process.
It is the responsibility of Proponents to ensure that they have all the components of the RFP package, including all appendices and subsequent addenda.

At the LGMA’s option, inquiries and responses may be posted electronically on the LGMA website as an amendment to the RFP. LGMA will make reasonable efforts to deliver copies of all questions and answers to individual Proponents, but inadvertent failure to do so will not invalidate the RFP process unless so decided by LGMA. Inquiries will be received up to 3 days prior to the closing date and time.

Amendments to proposal submissions may be made prior to the closing date and time. Amendments must be submitted in writing.

3. Enquiries 
Clarification of terms and conditions of the proposal process shall be directed to:
Nancy Taylor 
Telephone: 250-383-7032 X 223
Executive Director

4. Background 
The LGMA is a professional organization representing municipal and regional district managers, administrators, corporate officers, treasurers and other local government officials in the Province of British Columbia, since 1919. The Association is dedicated to promoting professional management and leadership excellence in local government by offering a wide range of specialized programs and services which have been designed to support and enhance the performance of local government managers and staff. The LGMA is also dedicated to increasing the profile of the Association and the role of local government managers in British Columbia.

The LGMA has six regional chapters, which generally meet at least once annually to consider matters of mutual interest. Each Chapter of the LGMA has its own Executive, and each has one representative on the Provincial LGMA Executive.

5. Project Goals 
At this time, the LGMA is seeking an experienced consultant(s) or team to design, deliver and analyze results of an engagement process with its membership to identify and prioritize the needs of local government managers and staff in the areas of training, education and membership services.

Engagement Objectives:

To engage, through a variety of methods, an appropriate sample of local government professionals to obtain reliable answers to the following questions:

  1. determine what the particular training or professional development (PD) needs of local government employees are and in particular, seek to identify the most critical professional development programs sought in the short term and the long term;
  2. identify current and anticipated future areas of skill shortages and the demographic/gender differences in skills/expertise
  3. identify specific job or task training, that is or will be in demand to meet current and future staffing needs;
  4. determine what methods of program delivery are most desirable e.g., workshops (1 or 2 day), week long programs, in-house workshops, chapter seminars, internet on- line programs, etc;
  5. identify if there are region specific training needs and what they are;
  6. identify any training needs that are specific to small, medium and large municipalities;
  7. identify which LGMA programs the respondents are familiar with;
  8. determine if it is a priority when selecting PD courses that they qualify for additional credit and recognition;
  9. identify critical issues facing local governments and solicit suggestions about what the LGMA could do to assist;
  10. measure how satisfied members are with the LGMA and seek suggestions about how the LGMA might better serve the members; and
  11. identify specific services local government professionals may wish to access from LGMA.

6. Final Deliverables
The selected proponent shall deliver the final product and meet the requirements outline in the RFP in the following formats:

A formal report and presentation of the work product, with clear demonstration that it has achieved all of the Project Goals in Section 5 of the RFP;

Including but not limited to:

  • A process that may include meeting with members identified by LGMA to provide input on the engagement process, focus and target market;
  • A process that includes discussion of engagement methodology and pricing options prior to implementation;
  • A final report that provides detail on engagement design and sample selection profile which includes demographic information, including gender, age, area of the province, years working in BC local government, LGMA membership and job position category;
  • Analysis and evaluation of the data received;

Three (3) copies of the formal report, 1 bound color copy, 1 unbound color copy and 1 electronic copy in original software format (not PDF)

All background, research and resource lists, and any applicable database in original software format (unless otherwise mutually agreed).

7. Ownership of Work Product 
The selected proponent will irrevocably and unconditionally convey, transfer and assign, to the LGMA all right, title, benefit, interest, claim and demand in and to the work product and all intellectual property rights in the work product and will waive all legal and moral rights it may have in the work product in favour of the LGMA.

8. LGMA Provided Items 
Feedback from the membership on preliminary questionnaire

Identification of members to provide input on key training issues and feedback on preliminary engagement content

General Information items
LGMA Strategic Plan
Membership Guide
Membership list
LGMA Program Calendar
Annual Conference Brochure
Annual Report

The following information will be provided to the successful proponent:

9. Project Schedule 
The Work is to be completed by February 28, 2020, with Work commencing as soon as possible after the agreement between the LGMA and the selected proponent has been signed. A project schedule is to be submitted with all proposals.

10. Confidentiality 
The proponents shall at all times hold confidential all information and data received from the LGMA in connection with the Request for Proposal (“Information”) except insofar as such Information is required to be disclosed by law or court order.

Subject to this section 10, the proponents shall not use or disclose any information to anyone without the LGMA’s written approval except as and only to the extent necessary for the preparation of its proposal and, if awarded to the proponent, for the performance of the Work.

11. Proposal Submissions 
Submission deadline date Friday, November 29, 2019 to

All proponents are required to provide the following information with their submissions, and in the order that follows:

  1. A corporate profile of their firm outlining its history, philosophy and target market.
  2. Team Composition – a complete listing of all key personnel who will be assigned to this project.
  3. A description of the consultants’ understanding of the Project Goals and vision, and how these will be achieved.
  4. A detailed proposal of what will be delivered by the proponent, including the expected outcomes and benefits to the LGMA.
  5. Provision of a pricing methodology that includes the components outlined in Section 6 of the RFP complete with a time allotment for each identified task, and component pricing for each task, which shall form the basis for payments to the selected proponent.

Where two or more independent firms are cooperating in the submission of a proposal, the proposal shall be submitted in the name of one firm that shall be considered by the LGMA to be the prime contractor. Firms other than the prime contractor shall be identified in the proposal as subcontractors. The proposal must identify all subcontractors, their qualifications, and their respective roles in the project. Negotiation during proposal evaluation, award and execution of the contract, and all contract payments shall be between the LGMA and the prime contractor.

All proposals will remain confidential to the extent permitted by law.

12. Working Agreement 
Proponents may include their standard terms of engagement in their proposal for consideration by the LGMA.

If it appears to the LGMA, that the agreement may not be executed by the selected proponent, the LGMA may at its sole discretion and without liability immediately terminate all further negotiations and attempts to finalize the agreement with the selected proponent and select another proponent.

The LGMA shall not be obligated in any manner to any proponent whatsoever until a written agreement has been duly executed relating to an approved proposal.

This is not a tender call.

13. Available Funds 
No budget amount for this RFP will be specified to ensure that prices are competitive. Proposals shall be prepared based on the estimated project time commitment and final budget and contract fees will be negotiated with the consultant(s) selected.

14. Evaluation Criteria 
Proposals shall be evaluated to determine the best value offered to the LGMA against conformance to the following criteria (though not necessarily in this order of priority)

  • Understanding of project objectives/outcomes and vision
  • Project Methodology - appropriate processes for tasks outlined
  • Project Deliverables - clarity and quality of presentation
  • Timelines
  • Value for Money
  • Team Composition
  • References
  • Interview (if required)

Final selection will not necessarily be based solely on price, but will be based on how the proponent and its proposal can achieve the objectives of the Work.

Proponents should be aware that the LGMA may elect to award one or more of the components to a proponent, and that more than one proponent may be engaged to carry out specialized elements of the Work.

15. Acceptance and Rejection of Proposals 
Not withstanding any other provision in these proposal documents, any practice or custom in the industry, or the procedures and guidelines recommended for use on publicly funded projects, the LGMA, in its sole discretion, shall have the unfettered right to:

  1. accept any Proposal;
  2. reject any Proposal;
  3. reject all Proposals;
  4. accept a Proposal which is not the lowest Proposal;
  5. reject a Proposal which is the only Proposal received by the LGMA;
  6. accept all or any part of a Proposal: and
  7. award all or a portion of the Work of any Proponent.

Proposals which contain qualifying conditions or otherwise fail to conform with the requirements of the RFP may be disqualified or rejected. The LGMA may, however, in its sole discretion, reject or retain for its consideration Proposals which are non-conforming because they do not contain the content or form required by the RFP.

16. Improper Influence
No Proponent shall discuss or make any communications regarding the Proposal with any member of the Board of Directors of the LGMA prior to the award of the Proposal.

Location: Victoria
Region: South Vancouver Island
Business Categories: General Consulting
Expires: November 29, 2019, 4:00 pm