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Posted: December 2, 2019, 2:05 pm

Resort Management Services


Resort Management Services

Request for Proposal

Section 1.0 - Request

1.1  The Kwakiutl Nation Development Corporation (referred to hereinafter as “KNDC”), wholly owned by the Kwakiutl First Nation, is requesting a detailed and comprehensive Proposal from qualified individuals and/or businesses for the delivery of RV & Campground Management Services for Cluxewe Resort . Proponents are invited to provide alternative options or solutions to address the service need.

1.2  General information is available from the KNDC Manager by email at or by calling Sue Child at 250-949-6012

1.3  Submissions will be accepted at my email to, until February 15, 2020.

1.4  Responses can be mailed to the Kwakiutl Nation Development Corp at 99 Tsakis Way, Fort Rupert PO Box 1440 Port Hardy BC V0N2P0 or hand delivered to the Kwakiutl Band Council 99 Tsakis Way, Fort Rupert. The submission must be in a sealed envelope and clearly marked as:

Request for Proposal
Cluxewe Resort Management Services
Kwakiutl Nation Development Corporation

1.5  Submission inquiries are to be directed to:

Susan Child
KNDC Manager
Phone: (250) 949-6012
Email Address:

Submission Process

1.6.1 Submission of Proposal

a.  The Proponent shall submit its Proposal with all accompanying schedules, appendices or addenda marked with the Proponent’s name and the RFP title up to the Submission Deadline set out on the date and at the location shown on the title page of this RFP.

b.  Proposals received after the Submission Deadline or in locations other than the address indicated, will not be accepted. The KNDC may elect to extend the Submission Deadline.

c.  Amendments to a Proposal may be submitted if delivered in writing prior to the Submission Deadline, marked with the Proponent’s name and the RFP title.

d.  Proposals may be withdrawn by written notice only, provided such notice is received prior to the Submission Deadline.

e.  All costs associated with the preparation and submission of the Proposal, including any costs incurred by the Proponent after the Submission Deadline, will be borne solely by the Proponent.

1.6.2 Conflict of Interest
By submitting a Proposal, the Proponent shall disclose whether any of its officers or directors, or any employee with authority to bind the Proponent, has any financial or personal relationship or affiliation with any elected official or employee of the Kwakiutl Band Council or with the KNDC or their immediate families which might in any way be seen by the KNDC to create a conflict.

1.6.3 Evaluation of Proposals
a.  Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the overall best value to the KNDC based on quality, service, price, and any other criteria set out herein. The Submission will be assessed based on the Evaluation Criteria outlined in Section 1.6.4

b.  After completion of Evaluation, the KNDC may elect to short list some of the Proponents and may require short listed Proponents to provide additional information or details, including making a presentation, supplying samples, demonstrations, and/or additional technical literature.

c.  The KNDC may elect to enter into negotiations with the leading Proponent or with any other Proponents concurrently. In no event will the KNDC be required to offer any modified terms to any Proponent prior to entering into an Agreement, and the KNDC will not be liable to any Proponent as a result of such negotiations.

d.  All sub-contractors of the Proponent will be included in the evaluation process. It is the responsibility of the Proponent to guarantee that all its sub-contractors will comply with all the requirements and terms and conditions set out herein.

1.6.4 Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be evaluated for their adherence to, interpretation of and response to the request as set out in this document. The following established criteria will be used:

Evaluation Criteria

i. Corporate profile: experience and size of the organization;
ii. Team expertise: key personnel experience and certifications, and plans for utilization of current staff and hiring local people with preference to Kwakiutl Band members;
iii. Proposed Methodology: proposal conveys the Proponent’s understanding of the request and intent in a clear and concise manner;
iv. Innovation: proposal conveys the Proponent’s ability to express creativity bringing added value to the Cluxewe Resort and North Island;
v. Cultural Integration: proposal conveys the Proponent’s plan to enhance the Kwakiutl Cultural identity and presence at the Resort;
vi. Price Quote for Service;
vii. Term Negotiable: proposal conveys the Proponent’s proposed length of term for the Contract; and
viii. Workers Compensation Board (WCB) clearance letter.

Location: Port Hardy
Region: North and Central Vancouver Island / Sunshine Coast
Business Categories: Tourism & Hospitality
Expires: February 15, 2020, 4:30 pm