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Posted: November 29, 2016

Managing Conflict in the Workplace: A Two-Day Conference

Canadian Training Resources

Canadian Training Resources
Managing Conflict in the Workplace: A Two-Day Conference

Richmond, BC
January 19-20, 2017
Defining Conflict
Defining workplace conflict, understanding our natural responses and the negative impact on the workplace.

Types of Conflict
Three main types of conflict: inner, interpersonal, and group.

Open Conflict vs. Hidden Conflict
Understand open conflict and hidden conflict.

The Johari Window
A way of looking at our self-awareness and our ability to ask feedback of others. Participants will look at the Johari Window in detail through a personal exercise and a case study.

Stages of Conflict
Two models of the conflict process, some possible outcomes of a conflict, and strategies for dealing with conflict. Constructive and destructive responses.

The Role of Communication in Conflict Resolution
A look at the communication chain as well as barriers that can impede communication.

Mediating Workplace Conflict
Examine tools that make use of normal social skills to settle conflict and disputes. Does not require learning new skills.

Take effective action to resolve most conflicts between yourself and others.   

A tool to assist others to resolve conflicts and disputes.

Day Two: Managing Emotional Aspects of Conflict

Emotional Self-awareness
Noticing and being able to label your feelings, emotions, "gut-level" instincts or reactions   

What is Anger?
Understand what anger is and how it affects their lives.

Personality and Reaction to Conflict
There are four distinct behavioural types we each fit into and each has a distinct and predictable response to conflict. Identify emotional triggers and hotbuttons.
Managing Anger
Learn coping strategies and relaxation techniques to help  manage anger.

Managing Stress
Managing our stress response; stress effects - physical, emotional & behavioural; 7 stress warning signs; stress effects; stressors - life problems & daily hassles; impact of stress in the workplace.

Behavioural Self-Control
Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check

Perseverance and diligence in the face of setbacks

Developing Empathy
Sensing others' feelings and perspectives and taking an active interest in their concerns   

Building Trust
Being trustworthy and ethical when working and relating to others; ability to establish a bond of trust with others

Cost for a single day $499.00* or register for both days and save $200.00!
Cost for both days Managing Conflict in the Workplace: $799.00*
*all prices subject to applicable taxes

Day One: Conflict Resolution
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Date: January 19 - 20, 2017
Event Type: Course
Location: Richmond, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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