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Posted: Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fields of Interest Develop Grant - Environment & Animal Welfare

Vancouver Foundation

Environment and Animal Welfare

In this field of interest, we look for social innovations to create systemic changes that support the health and resilience of British Columbia’s animals and physical environments. The outcomes we hope are achieved include advancing policies and practices which address and respond to climate change and other key environmental issues, increasing public awareness, understanding and engagement in key environmental issues and solutions, and enhancing and protecting the health, well-being and habitats of domestic, farm, and wild animals.

Develop Grants

Maximum grant: $10,000 for up to one year.

One stage application process: you submit a Project Overview including a project summary and budget.

Develop grants are short-term grants to help project teams explore complex social issues and to develop viable projects that might address these issues through social innovation. Project teams will have already begun working on this idea and need further support to move the idea forward to become a viable project plan.

Development Grants:
Support teams when there is a high degree of uncertainty or lack of agreement on what the issue is, how to address the issue, and who to work with to address the issue. 

Allow teams to gather information, meet with key stakeholders to learn more about the system and systemic issue, and begin to form a model or prototype of a social innovation.

Support the capacity of an existing or expanding project team. If the project team has not yet formed, then the grant application must include the steps that will be taken to form a complete and appropriate team.

Enable applicants to apply for a Test Grant in the future. Please note any future applications must represent a social innovation that works towards one of the ten broad outcomes that Vancouver Foundation has identified under our four fields of interest.

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Contact Name: Vancouver Foundation
Contact Phone: 604-688-2204
Subject Area(s): Environmental Protection and Management, Animal Control
Last Reviewed: March 8, 2017, 1:18 pm
Deadline: Thursday, April 13, 2017
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