Legislative Calendar

Apr 01, 2019Interest rates for refunds of tax overpayments and for refund of municipal tax sale money are set January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1; and on taxes in arrear or delinquent, January 1, May 1, and September 1. Circulars provided by Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.[239 CC; 654(4), 668(2) LGA; 245 CC; 246 CC; 1,2 MTR; IRR]
Apr 01, 2019Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) must be made available within 3 months after the end of the fiscal year end under the Financial Information Act.[2(2) FIA]
Apr 10, 2019Regional Districts must send to the minister charged with the administration of theTaxation (Rural Area) Actrequisitions in respect of each treaty first nation participating area on or before April 10.[257(4) LGA]
Apr 10, 2019Regional Districts must send an invoice to taxing treaty first nation on or before April 10 if fees, charges and other amounts for works or services provided are owed in relation to the treaty lands of a taxing treaty first nation and not paid on or before December 31 of the previous year.[258(6), 385(1) LGA]
Apr 10, 2019Regional Districts must send the Municipal requisitions on or before April 10. [385(1) LGA]
Apr 10, 2019On or before April 10 in each year, the designated regional district officer must deliver to the surveyor of taxes a requisition of funds in respect of each service that states the amount required during the year from each electoral participating area, and the officers certification.[387(1) LGA]
Apr 12, 2019Last day for the assessment authority to provide free of charge to regional Hospital District Boards information setting out the current year net taxable value of all land and improvements in each member municipality, the treaty lands of each taxing treaty First Nation and the other rural area, in the district, on both the completed and revised assessment rolls, for the purpose of requisitioning and raising funds under the Hospital District Act.[66 (3) AA]
Apr 15, 2019Where a municipality is collecting taxes for a regional transit commission, it shall on or before the 15th day of each calendar month, pay to British Columbia Transit all of those taxes collected during the preceding calendar month.[17 BCTR]
Apr 15, 2019Last day for the Assessment Authority to forward to the tax collector of every municipality a copy of the bylaw of the Authority imposing the taxes under the Act. On or before April 15.[20(1) AAA]
Apr 19, 2019On or before April 20, Regional Hospital Districts must (1) send to each municipality the amount required in their requisition; and (2) transmit to the minister responsible for the FAA a requisition stating the amount required of improvement districts and rural areas in the district. Submit copies of the requisition to the improvement districts and rural areas.[25(1) & 25(3) HDA]
Apr 30, 2019For wastewater discharges to ground and water for which the contributory population is 10,000 persons or more, a local government discharger, on receiving notice from a director, must prepare and submit a report as specified in the Regulation, before May 1 of each year.[EMA; 66(2) and (3) MWR]
Apr 30, 2019Last date by which a municipal council must publish in a newspaper a notice about the Unclaimed Tax Sale Surplus.[254 CC; 659(5) LGA]
Apr 30, 2019On or before April 30, Regional Hospital Districts must notify the minister in writing of the total of the amounts being requisitioned andthe uniform rates to be levied throughout the district.[25(4) HDA]
Apr 30, 2019On or before April 30 in each year, the assessment authority must forward to each taxing treaty first nation a requisition for the amount determined for the treaty first nation by applying the approved rates to net taxable value of all land and improvements in the treaty lands, and must include a statement of those rates.[20(4.1) AAA
Apr 30, 2019Monthly reports to: Canada Customs and Revenue Agency for GST/PST; Statistics Canada for building permits; Health Authority for water quality testing.
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Agricultural Land Commission Act
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