Purchase Lists (Non Commercial Use)

For those who may need to contact multiple local governments, or specific individuals across jurisdictions, CivicInfo BC offers an online tool through which customized contact lists may be created.

How to Purchase Access

1. Local Governments

Local governments that are members of the CivicInfo BC Society have complimentary access.  No purchase is required, however access to this tool may be limited to designated people within an organization. If you need assistance in determining who these people may be, please e-mail info@civicinfo.bc.ca.

2. Other Public Sector Organizations

For an annual fee, government ministries, crown corporations, public utilities, and related public sector bodies may access our contact list tool.  Please e-mail info@civicinfo.bc.ca for details.

3. Private Sector Organizations (Including Professional Associations)

In consideration of Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), we do not make our contact list tool available for commercial use, which includes the promotion of training opportunities.

4. Political Parties and Interest Groups

Political parties and interest groups are welcome and encouraged to use the free, publicly available listings on this site.  We do not make our contact list tool available for campaign or campaign-related communications.