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September 11, 2019, 11:00 am

New City Policy in Coquitlam Promotes Neighbourly Construction

City of Coquitlam
COQUITLAM A new city policy in Coquitlam intends to turn construction sites into better neighbours. 

City Council adopted a Good Neighbour Development Policy last night with the goal of reducing disputes between developers of infill projects (redeveloped properties in existing neighbourhoods) and nearby residents. The new policy aims to:
  • summarize existing bylaws, regulations and policies and put the onus on developers to follow them;
  • encourage early and ongoing communication between developers and neighbourhoods; and
  • protect and enhance the health of existing neighbourhoods and the environment.
Recognizing that development in existing neighbourhoods may be disruptive, the new policy highlights the City’s expectations for neighbourly construction, including common courtesies and improved communication with neighbours.

Common complaints include noise, dirt and debris tracked onto roads, excessive on-street parking, work outside of allowable hours, encroachment onto neighbouring properties and lack of communication to neighbours.

Leveraging Existing Regulations and Tools
The policy will help guide future development in the city, particularly in evolving ground-oriented neighbourhoods, such as southwest Coquitlam.

The primary focus is awareness and accountability among developers, contractors and tradespeople. The policy highlights the impacts of construction, existing City regulations they must meet, and City enforcement tools, such as on-site meetings, tickets, permit and inspection holds, and stop-work orders.

Before work can begin or for a permit to be issued, a project representative will be required to sign a declaration that they have read and understood the policy and have met its requirements – such as notification of neighbours and site photography to ensure characteristics along the property line (such as fencing) are maintained or restored.

Getting the Word Out
To explain and promote the new requirements, the City has developed a graphic version of the policy, updated the existing Good Neighbour Construction brochure, and created a template letter to help developers communicate with neighbours.

The City will track construction-related complaints and bylaw infractions over time to measure the policy’s success. 

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