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The resources in this database provide legal mechanisms, innovative policies, and best practices that planners can use to help their communities adapt to climate change, protect green infrastructure, and carry out sustainable land and water use practices.

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Drought Message Guide

Freshwater Alliance
Published: 2018
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This guide outlines 10 key messages that freshwater stewards, advocates and organizations can use to better communicate about drought and water scarcity issues in their communities. Each message falls into one of the three categories: Problem Messages, Solution Messages, and Outcome Messages. Each message also offers a soundbite, important details and resources you can use to localize or tailor your message. The guide also aims to connect concerns about water shortages with commitments the Province of B.C. has made in the Water Sustainability Act and other legislation.
Subject Areas:
  • Climate Change
  • Drought
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Management
  • Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  • Drought Management Plan
  • Water Conservation Plan/Program
  • Watershed Plan
  • Background Information
  • Best Practices
  • List of Resources
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