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Association of Professional Biology

Association of Professional Biology

Mail: 300 - 1095 McKenzie Avenue, Victoria, BC, V8P2L5
Street: 300 - 1095 McKenzie Avenue
Phone: (250) 483-4283
Fax: (250) 483-3439
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The Association of Professional Biology (APB) represents Biology Professionals in British Columbia. Our members are in good standing with accredited regulatory natural resource organizations such as the College of Applied Biology (CAB) in B.C. and the Alberta’s Society of Professional Biologists (ASPB). Members are governed by provincial legislation (e.g., College of Applied Biology Act and its Rules).  The APB works to continually evolve the practice of biology through providing professional development opportunities and guidance for Biology Professionals and other Resource Professionals in BC and the rest of Canada.  We also advocate for advancements in the application, practice and understanding of biological sciences.

The APB works in concert with many other natural resource professional associations in BC to advance professional reliance responsibilites and ensure competency through training, guidance and our cornerstone annual APB Conference. The APB demonstrates leadership to the public, its members and other professions through:
  • Increasing general understanding of the benefits to the public, environment, industry and government in employing Registered Biology Professionals.
  • Increasing the understanding in other professions of the key role Registered Biology Professionals play as part of a professional team.
  • Promoting legislation as a means of ensuring Registered Biology Professionals maintain competency and accountability.
  • Involvement in mentorship, school outreach, science fairs and job fairs to facilitate the involvement of students and outside professional audiences in the profession.
  • Providing scholarships to those engaged in the study of applied biology.
  • Recognizing excellence through practice related awards.

The Association of Professional Biologists was first incorporated in January of 1980 by a group of dedicated biologists that wanted to ensure the profession garnered the respect it deserved while having high entrance requirements and a robust disciplinary structure to ensure each member would be an ambassador of this “new” profession. In 2003, the College of Applied Biology Act brought more definition to the profession when it was brought into force.  This act strengthened the occupational title protection afforded to Registered Professional Biologists and allowed for the future inclusion of Registered Biology Technologists and Applied Biology Technicians. 

Moreover, a clear distinction was made with the creation of the College of Applied Biology. The College was mandated to attend to matters of public interest, such as entrance requirements and discipline, while the Association remained a voluntary organization free to work on matters of importance to its members.  If you are a volunteer or agent of the APB, reading this handbook will help you help APB members during your term, and more importantly, contribute to the legacy of a better profession.

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