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Posted: February 18, 2021, 4:16 pm

Harrison Mills Neighbourhood Plan

Fraser Valley Regional District

Harrison Mills Neighbourhood Plan

Request for Proposals


RFP Overview
The Fraser Valley Regional District ("FVRD") is seeking proposals from qualified proponents ("Proponents") in response to this request for proposals ("RFP") for the provision of Professional Planning Services and Professional Engineering Services. These services will prepare a Neighbourhood Plan and Local Servicing Plan for the community of Harrison Mills, Electoral C. The Neighbourhood Plan and Local Servicing Plan will provide for efficient, sustainable development that protects the environment and human health, provides for the needs of rural residents, makes efficient use of land and identifies servicing needs, capacity and options to provide efficient community water and community sewer services to the plan area.

The Neighbourhood Plan and Local Servicing Plan must be well coordinated. The robust Local Servicing Plan’s technical reporting will inform the implementation and servicing viability of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan and Local Servicing Plan must not be prepared in isolation and both require public consultation.

The neighbourhood of Harrison Mills is located in Electoral Area C of the FVRD. The current Official Community Plan (“Fraser Valley Regional District Official Community Plan for Portions of Electoral Area “C”, Morris Valley, Harrison Mills and Lake Errock, Bylaw No. 0020, 1998”) was adopted in April 2000.

Over the last 20 years the policies of the OCP have generally been achieved. The development of the Sandpiper Golf Course and the recreational development of Tapadera Estates as well as the residential subdivisions of Eagle Point and Harrison Mills have played a key role in the development of Harrison Mills area in recent years. The existing FVRD community water and community sewer services were designed to accommodate current developments

In recent years, the FVRD has been approached by land owners in the neighbourhood to examine new development proposals, proposals that require amendments to the existing OCP. These proposals involved tourist accommodation (motel/hotel, RVs), boat launch facilities, community medical facilities, local commercial uses, relocation of existing civic uses (FVRD waste transfer station) as well as industrial and resource uses. Given the level of interest in development and re-development in this area and the age of the existing OCP, the development of a neighbourhood plan and local servicing plan for the Harrison Mills neighbourhood is nearing overdue.

The Harrison Mills neighbourhood is considered a gateway to recreational activities in Morris Valley. The area is a salmon stronghold and includes vital eagle habitat. Recreational, environmental and community amenities need to be integrated and coordinated with compatible land uses. Comprehensive servicing is also needed to address community water and community sanitary needs. A neighbourhood plan will develop

Request for Proposals

Location: Chilliwack
Opportunity Type: Request for Proposals
Professional Categories: Planning, Economic Development
Expires: March 22, 2021, 4:00 pm
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