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Posted: May 4, 2021, 2:47 pm

Public Washroom Design

District of Port Hardy

District of Port Hardy

Public Washroom Design

Request for Quotations

The District of Port Hardy requests quotations from qualified Architects, Landscape Architects and Urban Designers to design a public washroom facility for Carrot/Rotary Park in Port Hardy.
Located on the traditional territory of the Kwakiutl people, this Park is the prominent gathering place for residents and tourists. The District is seeking a design that incorporates the infrastructure surrounding the Park, honouring the traditional territory and the west coast feel of this beachside Park. The building should be Iconic, artistic, and innovative in design. The building should capture the imagination and inspire, through design, rather than look like a public washroom.
The works consist of preparing conceptual and construction design drawings, under consultation with the District, of an approximately 10 metre x 8 metre, single level building that will house public washroom facilities that are functionally indestructible, easy to maintain and able to be open year- round.
Final submittals include:

  • Digital design of the facility
  • Creation of building plans for construction
  • Materials list
  • Tender documents

Quotes must be submitted with the above project name and description and received by:
Tuesday, May 25, 2021:

To: Heather Nelson-Smith, CAO.
Quote RFQ # 1220-20-551-2021:
Mail or courier:
District of Port Hardy, Municipal Hall 7360 Columbia Street
PO Box 68
Port Hardy, BC V0N 2P0
It is the responsibility of all bidders to ensure that their contact information and receipt of RFQ documents is known to the District of Port Hardy to ensure that any addendums or revisions to the RFQ are forwarded to all parties that are interested. Please send contact name, company name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, and fax number

All quotes must include:

  • A preliminary schedule with a start and end date.
  • A list of personnel hourly rates.
  • Breakdown of costs.

This is not a Tender. The District reserves the right to, in its absolute discretion, accept any quote which it deems most advantageous to itself and the right to reject any or all quotes, in each case without giving any notice. The lowest of any quotes will not necessarily be accepted.
The District reserves the right to negotiate with a selected bidder.
By submitting a Quote, the bidder acknowledges the District’s rights under this Request for
Quotations and absolutely waives any right, or cause of action against the District, its officers,
directors, employees or agents by reason of the District’s failure to accept the Quote submitted by
the bidder, whether such right of cause of action arises in contract, negligence, or otherwise.
Bidders must carefully examine the Request for Quotation documents and should fully inform themselves as to the intent, existing conditions and limitations that may affect their quotation submission. No consideration will be given after submission of a quotation to any claim that there was any misunderstanding with respect to the conditions imposed.

Bidders finding discrepancies or omissions in the RFQ, or having doubts as to the meaning or intent of any provision, should immediately notify Heather Nelson-Smith, CAO at (250) 949-6665 or by email If there are any changes, additions, or deletions to the quotation scope, conditions, or closing date, Bidders will be advised by means of an Addendum issued by the District of Port Hardy. All Addenda will become part of the quotation documents, and Proponents must acknowledge receipt of Addenda in the quotation submission.


District of Port Hardy

Location: Port Hardy
Organization: Port Hardy (District)
Opportunity Type: Request for Quotations
Professional Categories: Architecture
Expires: May 25, 2021, 2:00 pm
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