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ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation

General Manager

This position description describes the principal duties and responsibilities of this position and does not imply that they are the only duties and responsibilities to be performed.
POSITION TITLE: General Manager (“GM”)                                    
PROGRAM: AFN Enterprises Limited Partnership (“AFN Enterprises”)
REPORTING TO:  AFN Enterprises GP Board of Directors (“BoD”)
DATE: May 2023  

ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation (″AFN″) is a member Community of the Ktunaxa Nation. AFN Enterprises is AFN’s new business arm being established to carry on and develop AFN’s business operations. AFN Administration and AFN Enterprises will work in parallel to further AFN’s Mission and fulfill our collective Ktunaxa Nation Vision.

Through sound, responsible leadership, we will promote the well-being and economic self- reliance of our people by encouraging and fostering education and sustainable employment.

Strong, healthy citizens & communities speaking our languages & celebrating who we are & our history in our ancestral homelands, working together, managing our lands & resources as a self-sufficient, self-governing Nation.

Position Summary
The GM will be the senior manager responsible for all aspects of AFN Enterprises’ business operations.

AFN Enterprises is a new venture, and the GM position a new role. As the first to hold this role, the GM will need to develop and implement strong and efficient systems to maximize opportunities, while respecting AFN’s values and safeguarding AFN’s assets, people and land.

The GM, working under the direction and oversight of a BoD and guidance of a community advisory board, and with the support of AFN’s Economic Development department, will be responsible for strengthening AFN existing businesses, while developing a pipeline of new business opportunities to build new employment and wealth for current and future generations of AFN membership.

To begin, AFN Enterprises’ businesses will consist of the operation of the Lakeshore Resort and Campground and Columbia Lake Recreation Centre. We expect this will expand to include the leasing/operation of AFN’s commercial lot and other opportunities as identified by AFN Enterprises.

The GM will work directly for AFN Enterprises and will report to its BoD. AFN is currently recruiting for members for AFN Enterprises’ inaugural BoD.  

Develop and manage the organizational capacity of AFN Enterprises, including:
  • Network, introduce, market and promote AFN in the economic arena as a viable business partner, while ensuring the best interests of AFN;
  • Support and develop five-year and annual strategic plans for approval by the BoD, and oversee the annual renewal, implementation, and monitoring of the five-year strategic plan;
  • Develop and ensure adherence to operational policies, systems and processes, and annual work plans/budgets, according to best practices and AFN values, across all the businesses carried on by AFN Enterprises;
  • Develop and maintain all data, and financial management systems and processes (e.g. invoicing systems, collections, repayment agreements) as secured department files;
  • Ensure all human resources are managed effectively, consistent with policies, existing legislation and best practices;
  • Promote the employment of AFN members, and indigenous peoples within AFN Enterprises and generally, including developing and implementing employment focused education programs;
  • Ensure all AFN Enterprises’ activities are consistent with the strategic plan and approved annual plan identified outcomes;
  • Working with AFN administration, develop and maintain an effective engagement strategy for all stakeholders, and in particular AFN membership;
  • Support the work of the BoD; and
  • Regularly collect all relevant AFN Enterprises data to provide periodic reporting to the BoD, community advisory committee and AFN Enterprises’ limited partner (AFN Chief & Council), consistent with established policies, legislation, and in compliance with any ancillary funding requirements.
Develop and manage the business of AFN Enterprises, including:
  • Ensure all current, and proposed, business ventures, contracts, plans and ancillary research (e.g. opportunity identification) are professionally developed, managed, updated as needed, and monitored, and in particular, developing and updating business plans as needed; 
  • Negotiate commercial arrangements, including memorandums of understanding and limited partnerships with partner businesses;
  • Work with AFN’s Economic Development department, under a services agreement, to identify and analyze opportunities to expand AFN Enterprises’ business through organic growth or acquisition;
  • Identify, review and address underperforming business lines based on established metrics; and
  • Leverage AFN Enterprises assets (human, financial, etc.) to improve AFN Enterprises’ outcomes.
Support the capacity development of the AFN administration, including:
  • Provide and communicate information to AFN membership to support understanding of AFN Enterprises and AFN administration’s roles and responsibilities for economic development, respectively;
  • Support AFN Enterprises strategic orientation, and ensure the development of associated agreements that support AFN Enterprises’ effective operations; and
  • Provide recommendations to the BoD, AFN administration and limited partners (AFN Chief & Council) on resources that support community economic development, small business development, and nation building.
  • The GM will generally work out of AFN’s offices located at 3050 Highway 93/95, Windermere, B.C., as well as AFN Enterprises’ operational sites.
  • Remote work as appropriate.  
  • Travel as needed.

Required qualifications
  • Bachelors level degree or higher in Commerce, Management, Finance, Marketing, Law, or related business field;
  • Class 5 driver’s license;
  • Satisfactory criminal record check.

REQUIRED Experience, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
The GM should have substantial experience or knowledge of each of the following:
  • Experiences working for and with a First Nation Community.
  • Direct experience in business development and management, with proven abilities for multi-year budgeting, cashflow management, and strategic thinking.
  • Knowledge of financial management practices and ability to seek and leverage funding, prepare proposals, and successfully manage budgets/cashflow.
  • Experience managing a team of employees and overseeing the activities of an entire department.
  • Project management experience.  Education/training in project management preferred.
  • Experience working with a variety of stakeholder groups including government, agencies, First Nations, industry, and non-profits.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
The GM should confidently posses the following skills and abilities:
  • Strong leadership skills.
  • Strategic and analytical thinker.
  • Flexible, resourceful and entrepreneurial. Proven ability to “adapt, adjust and accommodate” while remaining focused on the bigger picture.
  • Excellent collaborative communication skills (written and verbal) and ability to communicate complex information in a simple manner.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with a variety of people from different backgrounds, demonstrating professionalism at all times.
  • Exceptional organizational and time management skills and attention to detail.
  • Ability to take initiative and prioritize multiple projects.
  • High degree of ethics, confidentiality, and integrity.
  • Proven ability to achieve goals and resolution through negotiation and conflict resolution.
  • Previous experience with an in-depth knowledge of and appreciation for First Nations history, culture, current societal aims and challenges.
  • Familiar with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and how it applies to provincial and federal legislation.
  • Knowledge of First Nation community engagement and facilitation processes.
  • Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to travel as-needed both regionally and occasional overnight.
  • Interest in developing and growing with the organization.
The core of our business is serving the AFN Community and the Ktunaxa Nation overall.  Therefore, anyone who joins the organization should understand AFN and/or the Ktunaxa Nation.  This understanding can be gained from being a member of the AFN Community and/or the Ktunaxa Nation, being from AFN or Ktunaxa ancestry, or from working with the Community and/or the Nation. If a person looking to join the AFN Organization does not currently possess this understanding of the Community or Nation, they must demonstrate a genuine interest in learning more and stay informed about the culture to gain a greater understanding.

Please submit your interest to Human Resources at [email protected]

Professional Categories: First Nations Relations, Executive / Administrative Management
Posted: May 26, 2023, 3:34 pm
Expires: June 9, 2023, 5:00 pm
Employment Type: Full Time
Employment Length: Permanent
Education Requirement: Bachelor’s degree
Job Experience: Experience an asset