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Posted: Monday, June 17, 2019

Bullitt Foundation Grant

Bullitt Foundation


The Bullitt Foundation believes that positive environmental impact begins with innovation and partnership. With grant making focused on the Pacific Northwest Emerald Corridor – specifically, the region stretching from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, British Columbia (bordered by the Cascades on the east)  – the Foundation funds projects in four main program areas:
  • Regional Ecosystem Health
  • Energy, Climate and Materials
  • Deep Green Buildings
  • Resilient Cities, Healthy Communities


Canadian applicants must have a Canadian Certificate of Incorporation and charity registration documents to be eligible. Questions about Canadian charitable tax status may be directed to [email protected].

How to Apply

To get started, log into our Online Grantee Portal. Please answer all questions completely, with the understanding that brevity is appreciated. If clarity is needed, a program officer may contact you to discuss the idea in more detail.

Please note that the Bullitt Foundation does not accept inquiries submitted by hardcopy, mail, or email and unsolicited proposals will not be considered for a grant.

Application Period

The deadline for inquiries is March 15 and September 15. Grant applications are due May 1 and November 1 for organizations invited to apply by a Program Officer.

Applications must be submitted to our Online Grantee Portal no later than midnight Pacific Time, on the deadline date.

Contact Name: Mary McNair
Contact Phone: 206-343-0807
Contact Email: [email protected]
Subject Area(s): Environmental Protection and Management
Last Reviewed: June 16, 2021, 1:16 pm
Deadline: No Official Deadline
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