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Posted: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Abandoned Boats Program

Transport Canada
The Abandoned Boats Program (ABP) provides grant and contribution funding to assist in the removal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats posing a hazard in Canadian waters. The program also helps to:
  • Educate small boat owners about how to responsibly manage their boats
  • Support research on boat recycling and environmentally responsible boat design

The ABP has two key components.
  • The Assessment and Removals (A&R) Component funds boat removal assessments, and the permanent removal and disposal of abandoned and/or wrecked small boats.
  • The Education, Awareness and Research (EA&R) Component funds public education projects aimed at raising awareness about boat owner responsibility, including proper end-of-life management practices. It also funds research on environmentally responsible boat design and recycling of end-of-life boats.

Eligibility for funding
Eligible recipients for both components of this program include:
  • Provinces, territories, municipalities and local governments
  • Indigenous groups, communities and organizations
  • Private ports or marinas
  • Canadian Port Authorities
  • Academia
  • For-profit and not-for-profit organizations
Transport Canada is currently accepting applications for A&R projects for 2017-18 funding. The application deadline is October 30, 2017.
Transport Canada is accepting applications for EA&R projects for 2017-18 funding. The application deadline is September 30, 2017.

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