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September 15, 2023, 11:38 am

District of Houston Celebrates Canfor's Investment Decision to Build a New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

District of Houston
HOUSTON - The District of Houston is extremely pleased with the investment decision from Canfor to build a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Houston. This investment shows confidence in the community’s advantageous conditions, including a robust fibre supply and world-class workforce. The far-reaching benefits of this investment will touch the lives of our community members, businesses, and the entire region. The jobs created through both the construction phase and operation life cycle will support families and foster a vibrant local and regional economy.

Since the initial news about changes to Canfor’s Houston operations, Houston has been diligently collaborating with senior government officials to secure resources to support the community through the difficult transition phase, set conditions for a positive investment decision, and create capacity to diversify and expand the community. In numerous meetings with the Premier, Ministers, and other political and staff representatives, Houston has witnessed commitments in some areas, and action items in others. These discussions have generated further optimism about the future of Houston and how Houston can contribute to the regional and provincial economies. Houston believes these conversations have also elevated the platform for further discussions regarding the economic future of forestry communities in BC.

In collaboration with Canfor, Houston has also been working to ensure that local conditions align with investment objectives and offer certainty in development processes.

While we look forward to renewed forestry opportunities, Council remains firm in its commitment to seek and advocate for new and expanded economic development opportunities. With strategic advantages such as extensive industrial lands, convenient rail access, centralized location with port proximity, reliable water access, redundant power supply, a resilient and skilled workforce, affordable housing options, and a supportive community, Houston is ripe for continued investment.

The decision marks a brighter future for the community and provides assurance of long-term sustainability and vibrancy. Houston is grateful to Canfor and the Province for their cooperative efforts in facilitating this investment in the community.

At the same time, the ongoing disruption to mill operations has created significant challenges for Houston families and businesses. Houston recognizes these challenges and remain committed to working with our community, government, and other stakeholders to secure vital supports to weather the transition. Houston extends their deepest appreciation to residents and businesses for their resilience, patience, and fortitude while Houston continues to navigate extremely challenging times before we receive the benefits from a new mill.

Regarding the announcement, Mayor Shane Brienen stated: “This investment decision is an enormous relief for our community. Houston has gone through two mine closures and one other mill closure. All of those were tough for the community, but this has been the most difficult. We were optimistic about a positive investment decision because of the advantages we know we have, and we are grateful that Canfor and others can see Houston’s strategic advantages. I believe this investment is going to represent a new era where Houston will continue to leverage opportunities to create shared prosperity for our community, the region, and the province.”
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