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September 13, 2021, 9:00 am

Electric Fence Initiative Available for Bella Coola Valley Residents

Bella Coola Valley Tourism
BELLA COOLA - Bella Coola Valley Tourism, in partnership with the Grizzly Bear Foundation, is offering valley residents 50% off the purchase price of premium electric fence components.
In an effort to prevent and reduce bear/human conflicts and improve safety within our communities, Bella Coola Valley Tourism recently received a grant from The Grizzly Bear Foundation for the purchase of five thousand dollars worth electric fence components for the purpose of providing an incentive of 50% off system costs for residents.
"These are all high quality, heavy duty components."said Tom Hermance, President of BCVT. "There have been instances where a bear may be unfazed by a poorly designed electric fence, especially if they have learned that a food source is available. We wanted these components to have more than enough power and deter any bear from gaining entry. When installed and maintained, electric fences are extremely effective. Just take a look along HWY 20 to see the difference between fruit trees protected by electric fences and those without. It becomes clear correctly installed e-fences work, and bears quickly learn to avoid fenced trees. We’re working with the local WildSafeBC Community Coordinator on electric fence installation guidelines and specifications to help ensure recipients build their fences correctly.
"Our plan is to use all proceeds for a similar promotion next year. We're all really excited about it."
Bears are motivated by food, not malice. Once bears have located accessible fruit trees or other human provided attractants, they'll linger or even stay close by that food source. It’s the high energy food provided by humans that attract bears and entice them to stay around. This creates conflicts between residents as well as with other bears and raises safety concerns for the entire community.
"Aside from safety concerns, destroyed bears are bad for the valley's reputation and to our tourism economy. It's absolutely critical for the Valley's ecosystems and tourism businesses that bear populations maintain healthy and stable numbers. Employees of over 60 local businesses are jeopardized when the number of bears gets too low. We lose our greatest advantage over other BC tourist destinations.
"BCVT is committed to proactive, responsible behavior to reduce bear attractants in our communities. We urge every Valley resident to take responsible, preventive measures to safeguard their own property. Properly installed electric fences protect families, communities & wildlife. Together, we can make our valley a considerate and safe place for everyone."
For enquiries, please contact: BCVT, email:
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