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March 30, 2023, 11:20 am

Program for First Nations, Local Government Relations Receives Increased Funding

Union of British Columbia Municipalities
UBCM - The Regional C2C program provides funding to support increased understanding and improved overall relations between First Nations and local governments. Increased funding for the 2023/24 program will now allow for up to $10,000 for events and support the development of agreements, joint plans and/or strategies and the joint review of bylaws and policies. Total funding has increased to $20,000 per application.

Starting in 2023/24, the C2C program supports this goal with funding for:
  1. Forums that support dialogue to build relationships, support reconciliation efforts, resolve issues of common responsibility, interest or concern, and/or to advance tangible outcomes.
  2. Development of agreements (such as protocols, MOUs, and service agreements), joint plans and/or strategies that advance First Nation/local government reconciliation and relationship building.
  3. Joint review of bylaws and/or policies in order to develop recommendations for amendments or new bylaws and/or policies that advance reconciliation.

Applicants can apply for up to $10,000 for C2C forums and up to $10,000 for agreements and/or joint review of bylaws. In addition, applicants will now have one year from the date of approval to complete approved activities.

Since 1999, the provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Indigenous Services Canada has provided funding for the C2C program. During this time, more than 700 C2C Forums have been held in communities across the province.


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