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May 18, 2023, 4:10 pm

City of Kamloops to Hold Second Annual City Auction

City of Kamloops
KAMLOOPS - The City of Kamloops will be hosting an online auction May 25–28, 2023 to sell hundreds of surplus assets and unclaimed lost or stolen items. Residents and business owners are encouraged to view the range of new and used items up for sale, including electronics, tools, equipment, vehicles, tires, bikes, and more.

A full inventory with pictures will be available on the Team Auctions website, where all of the bidding will take place. Some items are already available to view. Visit Bidding opens at 9:00 am on Thursday, May 25, and starts closing at 9:00 am on Sunday, May 28. All bids will take place online, and registration is required to participate.

Items can be viewed in person in advance of bidding at Valleyview Arena, 353 Highland Road, 10:00 am–8:00 pm on May 23–27. The Valhalla Smoke House food truck will be on site serving food for the event.

“Last year, at our first inaugural City Auction, we had over 300 registered bidders, sold off the vast majority of available assets and even sparked a connection leading to the donation of an auction item to the Royal Inland Hospital to construct a gaming station for pediatric patients,” explained Ray Sison, the City’s Purchasing and Inventory Manager. “The event was a success for the entire community.”

The auction will include close to 100 unclaimed items that have been acquired by the City and the RCMP. Residents seeking a lost or stolen items are encouraged to attend the open house and search the Team Auctions webpage. Identified items should be reported to the City’s Planning and Procurement Division at [email protected] and Team Auctions at [email protected], including the following information:
  • claimant’s full name
  • the best phone number to be reached at
  • a description of the item, including its associated auction number

“Our intention this year, as it was last year, is that residents might be reunited with lost or stolen property through the promotion of this event,” said Sison. “We have opened viewing well in advance of bidding and encourage anyone seeking lost or stolen property to have a look and make a claim.”

Claimed items will be removed from the auction, and a Community Services or RCMP representative will reach out to claimants with advice on next steps.

For more information on bidding rules and procedures, please visit

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