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May 24, 2024, 12:31 pm

District of Hope and Chawathil First Nation Pioneer Historic Protocol Agreement

District of Hope
HOPE - The District of Hope and Chawathil First Nation are pleased to announce the signing of a historic partnership agreement on May 16th, 2024. This agreement, the first of its kind between the District and a First Nation, symbolizing a significant milestone in cooperative governance and community development.

Under the visionary leadership of both Chawathil and District Band Councils, this protocol agreement signifies a commitment to positive, cooperative dialogue on shared interests. From matters of cultural significance to regional development and environmental stewardship, the agreement outlines a framework for ongoing collaboration and progress.

"This protocol agreement is a testament to the power of unity and shared vision," remarked Mayor Victor Smith, of the District of Hope. "By working together in a spirit of trust and goodwill, we pave the way for a brighter, more prosperous future for all our communities."  

Key highlights of the agreement include provisions for economic development, land use planning, provision of services, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Through dedicated working groups and a commitment to timely communication, both parties aim to foster an environment of understanding and cooperation.

As the District of Hope and Chawathil First Nation embark on this historic partnership, they invite other communities to join them in embracing the spirit of collaboration and unity for the betterment of all. 

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