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Realtor Energy Efficiency Program

Contributor: Nanaimo (City)
Year: 2015
Category: Green Initiatives
Award Details: UBCM Excellence Award Nominee - Leadership & Innovation (Green Initiatives)
Short Description:
It was determined that realtors are in a unique position to help raise awareness about home energy efficiency by providing information to home buyers and sellers.  For sellers, an energy efficient home increases its attractiveness in the market and correspondingly its market price.  This attractiveness is derived from lower utility costs and a smaller carbon footprint. We identified the opportunity to communicate this information to our community which became the inception of the Realtor Energy Efficiency Program (REEP).   The City of Nanaimo partnered with the Regional District of Nanaimo to develop REEP.  This program worked with local Realtors to develop tools to help them understand and discuss the importance of home energy efficiency.  It was also designed so that these Realtors would provide information to buyers and sellers on the grants and incentives that are available to home owners.  
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