Shout My Problem

Until October 2018, CivicInfo BC has entered into a pilot project with Shout My Problem, a Canadian service that allows you to anonymously “shout” any problem you have to a community of vendors who might have the solution you’re looking for.  How it works:

  1. Fill out the form below.  Shout My Problem will post your problem, and fan it out to their networks.  As Shout My Problem is currently in beta, with a growing and developing list of vendors, local governments are asked to submit problems that don’t have tight deadlines.
  2. Post as many problems as you want.  It's important that you describe your problem, not the presumed solution. If you can effectively communicate the problem, you may receive unexpected solutions. Shout My Problem is about research, not procurement, and those who use this service will want to be open minded about the responses.
  3. Your post will be anonymous. Shout My Problem will not publish your name, the name of your local government, or your contact information. When pitches come in from companies who might be able to solve your problem, the pitches will be forwarded by Shout My Problem to the email address you provide.
For more details, including a video that explains the service, please visit
Any Questions or concerns please contact
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