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Posted: February 9, 2017

Understanding Project Management

Independent Contractors and Businesses Association (ICBA)

Understanding Project Management

Burnaby, BC
June 21-22, 2017

Whether you manage internal projects, contribute to a project (i.e. subcontract) or oversee projects (i.e. General Contractor), understanding the whole project management picture is essential to making your contribution to the project as successful as possible.

Projects in the construction industry are complex. Not only are accurate planning and forecasting methods required; people management, communication and risk management skills are essential to delivering a project within scope, on time, within budget and to an acceptable level of quality. 

A project can make or break your company. A bad project can be hard to live down; a great project can set the stage for significant growth. How important is it for you to invest time and effort in getting project management right?

This two-day hands-on workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the core elements of project management from initiating and planning projects, to implementation and review. Participants will learn and use practical tools and techniques for establishing and managing projects.

Topics covered in this course include:
  • Elements of a Project Management Framework
  • Key project management skills
  • Identifying and avoiding common project management issues
  • 8 key pillars of project management
  • Scope – clearly identifying requirements and understanding the work of the project
  • Time – determining project activities and scheduling
  • Cost – identifying and managing project costs
  • Quality – measuring all aspects of your project
  • Resources – managing materials, equipment and human resources, including managing conflict and communicating so project stakeholders will listen
  • Communication – planning project communications
  • Risk – identifying and managing risk
  • Procurement – determining and managing how you obtain resources for your project
Who should Attend:

Whether you are a Project Manager or a member of a project team, this course will provide you with practical tools for improving your project management abilities.
  • Project Managers – individuals leading projects
  • Project Coordinators – individuals involved in supporting the work of the project
  • Project team members – individuals interested in understanding how to better contribute to a project
  • Individuals interested in project management fundamentals

Date: June 21 - 22, 2017
Event Type: unknown
Location: Burnaby, BC
Region: Lower Mainland
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