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July 20, 2017, 12:33 pm

District of Squamish Launches Good Neighbour Guidelines

District of Squamish

SQUAMISH – The District of Squamish has launched the Good Neighbour Guidelines, a collection of regulatory District bylaws, common-sense practices and useful information to support public safety, civic responsibility and community for all Squamish residents. The 28-page booklet includes information on a range of topics from animal control to wildlife attractants and everything in between. The Good Neighbour Guide is available online and in hard copy at Municipal Hall,  The 55 Activity Centre (formerly known as the Squamish Seniors’ Centre), Squamish Public Library and Brennan Park Recreation Centre.

Bylaws enacted by the District of Squamish reflect community values and are in place to maintain a safe and livable community.

“Our neighbourhoods are the heart and soul of our town, and these guidelines are really about nurturing a deeper sense of connection to where and how we live, and who we live with,” says District of Squamish Mayor Patricia Heintzman. “We encourage all Squamish citizens to be mindful of how their actions impact those living and working around them.”

While Good Neighbour Guidelines are not expected to solve all neighbourhood issues, this pocket guide serves as an opportunity to highlight how to live in greater harmony together. And while Bylaw Enforcement Officers are available for support when issues cannot be solved, neighbours are encouraged to talk it through first.

“Good communication amongst neighbours is fundamentally important to a healthy community,” continues Heintzman. “Good neighbours anticipate how their actions will impact others, and use good judgment and respect when tactfully approaching a neighbour with a problem. Ideally, issues are resolved before any need to report to Bylaw Officers.”

The Good Neighbour Guidelines pocket guide is a living document that will be updated as bylaws change. Links to all the bylaws referenced in the Guidelines are included in the online booklet.

View the online version here.

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