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August 7, 2020, 8:00 am

Whistler Welcomes Ride-Hailing Companies with Inter-Municipal Business Licences

Resort Municipality of Whistler
WHISTLER - Ride-hailing companies with an inter-municipal business licence (IMBL) may operate in Whistler as of August 4, 2020.

Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) Council adopted three bylaws at the June 23 Council meeting, making Whistler one of 25 municipalities to join the Zone 1 Transportation Network Services Inter-Municipal Business Licence to reduce barriers for ride-hailing companies operating in the region. The IMBL is led by the City of Vancouver, facilitated by TransLink and includes participants from a variety of regions including Metro Vancouver and the Sea to Sky corridor.

This regional business licence streamlines the application process, minimizes regulatory challenges and confusion and allows for the sharing of licence fees and revenue. Each municipality is responsible for enforcing local bylaws.

“The RMOW is committed to offering a variety of safe, reliable and accessible transportation options in Whistler,” explained Whistler Mayor Jack Crompton. “Many of our guests come from places where ride-hailing services are part of their daily lives and we are pleased that they will be able to access these services in Whistler to complement their experience.”

The RMOW has had its own municipal business licence application for ride-hailing services in place since December 2019. Companies with an existing ride-hailing business licences in Whistler are required to apply for an IMBL to operate in participating municipalities. All applicants must have a valid Transportation Network Service licence from the BC Passenger Transportation Board. 

The City of Vancouver will administer these business licences on behalf of all municipalities involved as an efficient and cost effective way to collect payment and manage data. A discount on licence fees will be offered to incentivise companies to operate electric vehicles, and accessible vehicle licence fees will be waived. 

There are currently two ride-hailing companies with licences to operate in Whistler.

To learn more about ride-hailing business licences and the application process, visit

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