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August 11, 2022, 12:22 pm

New Official Community Plan Adopted

City of Merritt
MERRITT - The City of Merritt’s Official Community Plan (OCP) is a vital guiding document for the City. With the input of residents, local business, regional partnerships, stakeholders, and experts in various disciplines, this document provides a vision for growth and high level policy development over the next two decades. This guiding document outlines goals, vision, and policies for numerous topics, including: Land Use and Housing; Economic Development; Transportation and Active Transportation; Infrastructure; Emergency Services; Parks and Recreation; Arts and Culture; Climate Change; Food Security; and Poverty Reduction. This new OCP (updated from a 2012 version) ensures regulatory conformity with the Local Government Act and ensures that alignment is achieved with all plans that fall under its umbrella.

Many thanks to the multiple partners and community members who have collectively contributed to this plan to ensure that it speaks to the unique qualities of the City and needs of its residents.

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