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February 13, 2024, 1:40 pm

City of Delta Initiates Update to OCP

City of Delta
DELTA - At the Regular Meeting held on February 12, 2024, Delta Council endorsed a staff report recommending that the City proceed with public consultation as part of the process to update Delta’s Official Community Plan (OCP).

With a growing population, the Province of BC identified Delta as one of 10 cities to receive a Housing Target Order, requiring the City add 3,607 net new completed homes in the next five years. In response to the provincial mandate, the City of Delta is revising its OCP to accommodate housing growth and meet evolving community needs.

The OCP serves as Delta's long-term vision for sustainable growth and development. Originally adopted in 1985, the current OCP no longer adequately reflects Delta's evolving landscape and challenges. Outdated land use descriptions have led to frequent amendments to accommodate individual development projects, highlighting the need for a comprehensive update.

“As mandated by the province, Delta is updating its OCP to ensure we achieve our provincial housing target and build in areas where infrastructure supports more density. I encourage residents to learn more about provincial requirements, housing needs, and our vision for sustainable growth. Your feedback is invaluable as we navigate the path forward while preserving the character of our vibrant community.” 
– Mayor George V. Harvie

To meet the provincial Housing Target Order, the City is making key updates to its OCP, including simplifying land use designations, allowing small-scale, multi-unit housing on single-detached lots, and enabling higher density housing and mixed-use neighbourhoods along transit corridors and in urban centres. These changes are intended to encourage the building of more homes and set the stage for more affordable housing options. A review of other policy areas of the OCP will also be completed to determine if future updates to these sections are required.

The OCP consultation will kick-off in February 2024 with a multi-phase public engagement campaign scheduled to take place over the next few months, featuring in-person open houses and online information sessions for residents to learn more and share their views. Staff will also reach out to community organizations for input. 

Staff are working towards presenting an updated OCP to Council for approval this spring. Delta recently received $655,377 in provincial capacity funding to assist in implementing new legislative changes to support housing initiatives.

For more information about the opportunities to get involved in the work on updating the City of Delta’s OCP, visit
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