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April 28, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm PST

Introduction to Pavement Construction Inspection

Construction Industry Training Network
This webinar examines the basic design principals of pavements to give participants a good understand of “what matters” to ensure the maximum pavement life possible.  Constructing a pavement is not as precise as factory manufacturing where the input materials and processes are strictly controlled to result in the desired final product.  While processes and procedures are in place for both quality control and quality assurance, changes and variations in the materials, weather conditions, contractor operations, etc. can have a significant impact on the life of the pavement.  Pavements typically do not fail catastrophically and construction defects may takes years to manifest themselves in distress and deterioration.  The cost to “repair” the defects may in fact be much higher than the original cost of construction and the repairs themselves may contribute to further pavement distress.  By understanding and identifying poor practices and ways of improving them, we can contribute to a sustainable infrastructure system.
Webinar Benefits
  • Know the critical design and construction processes
  • Focus on the critical items to maximize pavement life
  • Identify the consequences of deviations from construction specifications
  • Understand the value of design and constructability reviews
  • Document the value of high-quality construction inspection
  • Understand key testing requirements
  • Become more observant to identify issues that may impact pavement life.
Course registration: https://citn.simplesignup.ca/7526

Event Type: Webinar
Location: Online
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