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April 24, 2024
9:00 am - 4:05 pm PST

Métis Rights in 2024

Pacific Business & Law Institute (PBLI)


Twenty years have passed since “Métis Law” has been included as a part of Aboriginal Law. With the passage of time, we are now better positioned to appreciate the implications of the Supreme Court of Canada’s jurisprudence on Métis issues, and to observe the different experiences and approaches across Canada.
It is clear that many challenges and questions remain, but these uncertainties also create opportunities for change. Our esteemed faculty of nationally recognized experts will take attendees through the contemporary landscape of Métis issues, and the contours of Métis rights and Métis identity. This program will also explore current litigation (including class action proceedings), and why there is a need for a separate Métis claims process. Leave this program with a comprehensive understanding of the current status of Métis rights in Canada and the key issues to watch in this dynamic area.

*Please note this program is only offered online as a live webinar event.

What You Will Learn:

  • Who are the Métis?
  • Why is Métis identity particularly susceptible to the “Pretendian” issue? (And the issues with that term)
  • The differences between Métis law and Canadian law about Métis
  • Making sense of the Supreme Court of Canada’s jurisprudence on Métis
  • Emerging issues and current litigation, including class action proceedings  
  • Negotiating and implementing Métis self government
  • Understanding the duty to consult and accommodate given the unique circumstances of Métis across Canada
  • The issues and challenges in addressing Métis claims

Who Should Attend:

  • Aboriginal, Métis, and First Nations leaders, officials, councillors, Elders, negotiators, administrators, and advisors
  • Lawyers practising in the areas of Aboriginal law and Indigenous law
  • Federal, provincial and municipal government officials and policy advisors
  • Consultants, negotiators and other professionals who work with Aboriginal, Métis, and First Nations
Attend via live webinar.

To register
Online: www.pbli.com/metis-rights-2024
By phone: 604-730-2500 
Jessica Chan
[email protected]

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Location: Online
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